In-Home Care and Support, helping you and your loved ones.

Sometimes members of our family or friends will find it difficult to look after themselves be it through age or illness. Here at Your Care and Support we know how valuable your time is, we can provide you with in-home care, help and support and answer any questions you may have about the needs of your loved ones. We will take the time to help you with the in-home care of your family and we will be there from start to finish and provide you and your loved one with the answers you need.

Living in such a fast paced world you need to be able to find someone to look after your family with as much care and compassion as if they were looking after their own family members.

Our company is our family and our employees will treat your loved one like their own family. We can provide the individual in home care you need in the comfort of your own home. A frequent question we are asked is what is the difference between Home Care and a Nursing Home? The difference is that we provide individualised services for a period of time depending on the needs of your loved one in their own home in familiar surroundings and to remain as independent as possible. Opposed to people living somewhere new, in a home dedicated to helping elderly people who are unable to be independent.

Here at Your care and Support, we can provide in-home care and support 24 Hours a day / 7 Days a week Our services can also provide 24 hours a day from as little as 2 hours a day to as many As 24 hours.

The in-home care services we provide are based on your individual needs, this could be helping your loved one get up and ready for the day and then again in the evening going to bed. Whatever hours you need we will meet your needs. A number of our customers depend on us to provide a service 2 or 3 times a day based on their needs.

Your Care and Support is fully insured for your piece of mind, we follow all guidelines from the Care Quality Commission and receive quality inspections from them. On top of this, we monitor the quality of care our internal carers provide and keep up to date with all new regulations and codes of practice. All of our carers here at Your Care and Support have a DBS Check before their employment, we also complete a Background Check and where needed references are taken. On top of this full and continuous training are provided to our carers.

You can try to arrange in-home care for your loved one by yourself, However, the main concern is what are you getting for your money? You could place an add in the paper or online asking for help which sounds easy. However, you need someone like Your Care and Support to help you. Not only can we answer all the questions that you may have regarding the quality of care your loved one needs. We can also take away the stress and heartache out of the coordination of such a task.

What would you do if your loved one was on their own because your employed carer did not turn up for work and when you call them they are not answering their phone.

Here at Your Care and Support, we will provide not only the in-home care service But in the event should your Carer not turn up we will provide you with a qualified DBS checked carer as soon as possible.

We can provide regular reliable companionship and home care support to meet your needs, please contact us and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

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