A Day In The Life of Domiciliary Care

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A Day In The Life of Domiciliary Care

As soon as you walk through the doors it’s that feeling of mystery…………….

Will it be a good day or will it be a manic day?

The first question is always – has anyone gone off sick, are we all covered for the day and how are the rotas looking for the rest of the week?

The wonderful thing about domiciliary care is that there are never two days the same. You never know who will phone or what they will be phoning about. It can be good, it can be bad but it is rarely indifferent.

We have our usual suspects who will ring in on a daily basis to have a chat and let us know that they are ok, sometimes numerous times during the day. We love chatting to them but sometimes it can be a bit much when they are ringing every 10 minutes but we still answer the phone with a spring in our step and a smile on our face.

We have the screamer calls where it doesn’t matter what you say to the person on the other end of the phone they are just intent on screaming their frustrations at you but again we remain polite and professional because even though their concern might not seem major to us it is obviously major to them.

Then there is the dilemma of what are we going to have for dinner………major decisions have to be made and this can take in excess of an hour on a really bad day. Lots of choices are thrown out there for consideration but the indecisiveness can be a problem – but it is something that cannot be rushed as the wrong choice of lunch can have a serious impact on the rest of the day. But you know that if the senior management are coming into the branch then your sugar fix will be covered as they always come in armed with bags of goodies which they are more than happy to share out and that is one of the reasons they are made very welcome on each visit.

We all love our jobs and yes it can be very trying at times but generally, there are more good times than bad. Being part of a team is what makes it much more enjoyable because when you are having a particularly bad day you know that your team are going to pull you back up and vice versa when they are having a bad day. We all know it’s not a nine to five job but being in a team that cares means that if you have to stay behind then its everyone that stays and we all leave together. We will usually all stay on a bit later having a chat and discussing what has gone on during the day (almost a chill out session but without the alcohol).

Then it’s time for all to go home and rest up for the following day – all except for one – that one person who has the on call. They take the phone and deal with the calls coming through out of office hours – still talking to those that just want a chat………roll on tomorrow

So my motto is “We deal with human beans, not tins of beans” Human beings – Your Care And Support Tins of beans - Tesco