The Need to Care for the Elderly


Do you have dependent parents or are you taking care of an older person? Are you providing care for the elderly at home? Are you finding it challenging taking care of your elderly parents and your immediate family?

The truth is that we cannot run away from the responsibility of caring for the elderly be it elderly parents, relatives or family members.

At some stage of your lives, you will find yourselves caring for the elderly at home, they could be aged parents or an older person in the family or a relative. Just the same way they took care, loved and catered to your needs, grooming you into adulthood. It is time for you to reciprocate with love, respect and maturity.

There are physiological and mental changes that characterise ageing. Their vision can become poor. Their hearing ability becomes low. You may find yourself speaking a lot louder to communicate with them; Their mobility may be limited. Their body system becomes weak, their visits to the bathroom will be more often; They also get tired easily.

Do not forget that the elderly who were once independent, now depend on others or you for their support and may not feel comfortable being in this situation and may feel a burden on others.

Caring for the elderly at home may not be easy when combining it with your full-time job. You have to be there for them, helping them with personal needs such as dressing, medications, social interactions, social care, as well as providing an alternative when you are not around.

You need to care for them because you were once taken care of.

There are some cases where you may need to visit them in their homes on a daily basis if not twice a day to ensure they are ok. You would not like a situation where your parent slips in the bathroom and hurt themselves.

If the elderly are planning to stay at home alone, you will have to put some things in place for their welfare.

  1. Employ a caregiver

There may be times you might not be able to reach your older parents due to your job demands, or you may not be available at the moment they need you. To solve this problem you may need to pay someone to do the job of providing the care they need. They will become his/her friend and companion. They will have someone to turn to during emergencies.

  1. Taking Care of Their Medication

Most elderly are usually on medication for one health issues to another. You will need to help them keep to their prescriptions and dosage to avoid side effects that might lead to some complications.

  1. Visitation

Since they staying alone, please always find time to visit them as often as possible. This makes them happy and feel loved.

  1. Regular Exercise

We all know the importance of exercise. It keeps us away from disease and reduces the rate at which we come down with illness. The elderly needs to stay healthy; they need to be encouraged to exercise often within their own caperbilities.

  1. Social Connectivity

As people age, there is a social disconnect between them and the outside world. They need to be encouraged to communicate with others in the society. As often as they communicate, it helps them to share ideas and also gain knowledge from friends. This will also help reduce withdrawal tendencies and depression.

  1. Clubs and groups

They should be registered with well-known clubs in the community. This will make them get out of the house and be involved in activities of helping people who are less privileged. This makes them happy as they continue to interact with people and help others in need.

Knowing that we will one day become old and dependent on others for care and love, we should as a matter of necessity take care of the elderly.

They will not be happy seeing the children they loved and taken care of all turn their eyes away from them just because they are dependent.

Always remember they are your elders and parents already in pain due to ageing. Don’t complicate issues for them by running away from them. Instead, show them love and respect in the remaining time of their stay.

We here at A your Care and Support can discuss with you and your loved ones how we can help you with care for the elderly at home, please contact us or request a call back as we will answer all of your questions.